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Abriendo puertas con el eneagrama

Abriendo puertas con el eneagrama

Cristina Moreno, periodista, terapeuta Gestalt y ‘coach’, dirige en Radio Enlace el programa ‘Las Nueve Puertas’ dedicado al eneagrama, una herramienta ancestral de crecimiento personal y autodesarrollo que plantea nueve formas diferentes de sentir, hacer y pensar

How Do You Register Permanent Residence for Adjusting Status?

Marriage Green Card, sometimes referred to as a Permanent Residence Card (PRC), is a legal document that is issued by the national government to husband and wife upon registering the union contract niw green card. A marriage green card allows the husband or wife of an...

How to Reach a Loan Rehabilitation Program (LOAP) Decision

For a person to be qualified for a National Interest Waiver, they have to fulfill at least one of these criteria have a demonstrated skill set that will benefit the United States market; have a graduate degree in a field especially recognized by the United States...